train5The citizens of the greater Aiken area are proud of the rebuilt Aiken Railroad Depot. Some of the highlights of this beautiful symbol of our city's history are:
•The stunning architecture and beauty of the rebuilt Aiken Railroad Depot. The Depot was rebuilt from original plans at its original setting on Union Street.
•The lovely open space and the two-and-a-half story perspective looking up through the mezzanine to the cupola. This fine wood-finished area is the perfect venue for receptions, meetings and weddings. Events in this one-of-kind space or just outside on the beautifully landscaped grounds have become very popular.
•The displays at the top of the stairs, (there is a handicap accessible lift). School groups and tourists will enjoy the interactive displays evoking the history of the railroad in Aiken, Aiken County, South Carolina and the entire country.
•The baggage area will house a state-of-the-art caterer's kitchen in which to prepare the finest foods for events at the site.
•The two elegant and vintage dining cars which will be restored to their former glory. What more romantic or stylish setting could planners of a wedding reception or a corporate lunch possibly hope for?
Beauty, education, recreation, fine dining and a chance to escape to a more genteel time; rebuilding the Aiken Railroad Depot gives today's Aiken a wonderful way to preserve an important part of its colorful history